We are proud to be representing Zaxis, Inc. in New England.

The Zaxis’ instruments are built to meet an ever-changing manufacturing environment. The products that Zaxis has conceived in the past 20 years, first as IDS of Salt Lake City, Utah and today as Zaxis Inc, Salt Lake City, are still in use today throughout the world.

Multi-function Leak Tester 
The Isaac HD offers unparalleled test stability and repeatability. It features a large full-color display that makes test setup and execution simple and fast. The Isaac HD can meet all your air leak test needs. It can test everything from pressure decay, vacuum decay, mass flow, pressure cracking, burst pressure, valve cracking pressure, and much more. It’s a state of the art air leak test powerhouse.

Isaac i-kit HD

The iKit is a specialized tester that excels at vacuum, mass flow, or pressure decay leak tests. We designed it to be just as reliable, repeatable, and simple to use as the Isaac HD just with a smaller footprint. The iKit can only perform one test at a time so if you need multiple test modes in a single package, check out the Isaac Multi-tester.