Koken Z-Series 3726Z-280-72T | Flexible Ratchet, Reversible- 3/8" Sq. Dr.

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Technical Specifications
Drive Size 3/8"
Drive Type Square
Length 280mm
Head Type Flexible
Teeth Count 72
Head Thickness 24.5mm
Head Width 28.0mm
Type Ratchet
  • Koken Z-Series 3726Z-280-72T | Flexible Ratchet, Reversible- 3/8" Sq. Dr.
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Koken Z-Series 3726Z-280-72T | Flexible Ratchet, Reversible- 3/8" Sq. Dr.

The Koken Z-Series 3726Z-280-72T | Flexible Ratchet, Reversible- 3/8" Sq. Dr. is available to order online. Contact us if you find the Koken Z-Series 3726Z-280-72T | Flexible Ratchet, Reversible- 3/8" Sq. Dr. at a better price.

Z-Series | 3726Z-280-72T Flexible Ratchet Handle "NEW PRODUCT"

Ko-ken ratchets are known for their very low backlash, small head sizes, and high torque ranges.  We designed the new 72 tooth ratchet without compromising on our traditional strengths.  The patented design of the 72T combines the low backlash, small size, and has a 10% higher torque limit in comparison to the 36 tooth ratchet.  The legacy 36 tooth ratchets move 10°/click. The new 72 tooth ratchets move 5°/click.

The design changes include moving from the single pawl of the 36 tooth design to the patented dual pawl of the 72 tooth design.  The dual pawl 72 tooth design utilizes a single spring.  We took four years of testing to perfect the low spring pressure needed to maintain Ko-ken's hallmark low-torque backlash.  The finer 72 teeth design creates more surface area contact with the gear; thus, it has a 10% higher torque upper limit.

The 72T is being released in the Z-Series 3/8" ratchets only in 2021.  We will be releasing the 72T in ¼" and ½" sizes, without compromising the body sizes and low backlash as our testing allows.  Look for more new product releases in 2022.

Ko-ken sockets are manufactured according to DIN/ISO standards. The tolerances of Z-Series sockets are precisely controlled to achieve a more positive fit between bolt and socket.

TOLERANCE-Square Drive

Manufacturing tolerance of Male and Female Square are precisely controlled to achieve a more secure fit between Socket and Handle

  • 5

    Posted by James on 21st May 2022

    This ratchet is awesome! I bought it to go alongside my other 3/8 ratchets by SK and Hazet, so I'm comparing Koken with other high-end brands. First, the fit and finish is perfect, just as you'd expect from a premium brand like Koken. The packaging that the ratchet comes in is simple and efficient--a fitted box that clearly shows the Koken brand on the outside. I like how the box can be opened and reused to store the ratchet if you want. Looking at the ratchet itself, the chrome is beautiful, and the flex head is smooth and solid feeling. My favorite feature of this ratchet is the really minimal backdrag. This is the lowest backdrag of any of my ratchets--even comparing it with 1/4" ratchets. I would strongly encourage anybody to pick one of these up if you are considering it.

  • 5
    Fantastic ratchet

    Posted by Bruce Gerard on 8th Sep 2021

    Believe the hype! This is an amazing ratchet. Perfect size and shape with the lightest backdrag I've ever experienced. The closest I've come to it before is in a 3/8 fine tooth Stahlwille ratchet. It too has an extremely light backdrag, but, the Koken's is slightly lighter, and the ratchet head is smaller in virtually all dimensions. If I had to complain about anything, it would be that the selector lever is reversed from pretty much everyone else in the industry (except maybe Harbor Freight) where most point left to tighten and right to loosen, here it's the opposite. Oh, also I do find the comfort grip to be slightly too small. That's it! If you want to experience quality from start to finish, you owe it to yourself to get this ratchet. Plus, it's a little less expensive than Snap On.

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    The long-awaited perfect flex-head ratchet

    Posted by Raphael Frommer on 5th Mar 2021

    For those who have been sitting on the fence your last excuse has been wiped away! With its 5-degree-arc 72-tooth head, Kokens Z-Series 3726Z-72T has it all: As close to zero back-drag as I have ever experienced in a ratchet. A very small -- and thus maneuverable -- head. The correct level of tension on the flex-head. Perfect aesthetics, verging on jewelry-level (not that a practical tool needs to have that level of finish). The material of the comfort grip feels like it will hold up forever. If challenged to come up with a negative, for some (not me) the grip areas length (2-5/8) might be too short.

    Yes, it is more expensive than other ratchets you can buy, but it is a lifetime purchase (and that includes the lifetime of the person who inherits yours). Certainly at Palmacs price, I can not imagine anyone paying more for the Snap-on equivalent.