About Palmac

Bringing Quality Brands together at Quality Prices

Our mission is to bring quality and high performance tools together;  so that our customers can find everything they need all in one place.

Our Story

Palmac was founded in the 1960's to service a GM Plant in Framingham, MA.


Over the years we have built a multitude of relationships with vendors; these relationships have given us the ability to get you your beloved tools at lower prices.

The name Palmac is an acronym for the two founders' last names, Paladino and Macdonald.  After the plant closed, Palmac evolved into a distributor and supplier of assembly tools, industrial tools, automation solutions, and components. For many years palmac was defined by its distribution of industrial and automation solutions. However, the relationship built by gaining access to those industrial tools also gave Palmac access to a wide array of tool brands. Most recently, Palmac has started their ecommerce store, by combining all the relationships with tool brands together into one cohesive platform available for all.

What We Do:

- Process development

- Equipment installations

- Field service

- Application Recommendations


We focus on adding value to our customers manufacturing processes through applications engineering support, service, and technical sales expertise. Our experience with all the products we have represented makes us uniquely qualified to help customers in the electronics manufacturing and assembly marketplace. 


We have a great tool repair department that can repair any tool you have, no matter how old. Palmac's repair department will disassemble, inspect, and provide repair estimates. 


We take great pride in understanding who our customers are. We offer personalized services, engineered to meet the individual needs of our customers.