Repair Service & Calibration

Palmac is a worldwide leader in the calibration and service of assembly and production tools. We service most air tool makes.

Whether or not you purchased your tool from us, we keep your tools maintained within proper manufacturing quality guidelines. We will disassemble, inspect and provide repair estimates. Our service is unmatched, and our technicians are the best in the industry.

We use only genuine factory parts to ensure you are getting the best quality out of your tool repair.

Replacement recommendations will be made when repairs are not practical or economical. We will offer replacement tool pricing based on your application needs.

For more information please email our Service Engineer or you can reach us at 978-455-0672.


PLEASE NOTE: Prior to sending your tool to our shop, please be sure the tool is fully assembled. If a partial tool is sent to us, there may be additional fees. You will receive a Repair & Calibration estimate once the tool is evaluated.

Authorization is required before any repair work is done. All returned unrepaired tools will be sent back disassembled.