About Us is Palmac Tool Company's E-commerce conduit to the world. 

Palmac Tool Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Blackstone Global, Inc. We are headquartered in Chelmsford, MA, and have been in business since 1995 as a Value Added Reseller (V.A.R.) of tools and capital equipment used in electronics, medical devices, manufacturing, assembly/ production and many more.

Palmac is a Specialty Industrial Tool Distributor that represents world class company's like Atlas Copco and APEX Tool Group to say a few. Palmac was founded in the 1960's to service a GM Plant in Framingham MA. 

The relationships we have built with vendors over the years gives us the ability to get you your beloved tools at lower prices.

The name Palmac is an acronym for the two founders' last names, Palmer and Macintyre.  After the plant closed, Palmac evolved into an international distributor and supplier of assembly tools, industrial tools, automation solutions, and components.

Palmac has serviced US manufacturers of various industries; such as Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Electronics, Medical Devices, Robotics, and Packaging solutions for nearly 60 years. 

We conduct process development for local customers, as well as equipment installations and field service.

Our experience with all the products we have represented makes us uniquely qualified to help customers in the electronics manufacturing and assembly marketplace. 

We focus on adding value to our customers manufacturing processes through applications engineering support, service, and technical sales expertise.


We have a great tool repair department that can repair any tool you have, no matter how old. Palmac's repair department will disassemble, inspect, and provide repair estimates.

The tools and equipment Palmac rents, sells, and repairs can be used for material removal, screw/bolt tightening, etc.

We take great pride in understanding who our customers are. We offer personalized services, engineered to meet the individual needs of our customers.