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Knight Global Overhead Carriage Mounted Vertical Servo Arms - KG KSHVA

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Knight Global Overhead Carriage Mounted Vertical Servo Arms - KG KSHVA

Knight KSHVA Overhead Carriage Mounted Vertical Servo Arms are Intelligent Assist Devices (IAD) that enable an operator to reach outside the area directly below a rail system and to precisely locate or float loads in the "Z" direction (vertical axis) with speed and reliability. The Vertical Servo Arms allow for a non-linear overhead varied reach within a work cell or station. Knight's Servo Hoist technology becomes an extension of an operator's natural movements and greatly improves accuracy, responsiveness and repeatability; which increases overall safety, productivity and quality. The inherent benefits include: eliminating wasted motions, reduced reaction times, and minimal effects of inertia with heavy loads.

Note: All capacities exclude the weight of the jib and the boom. Lifting capacities are calculated starting from the load cell (end of the chain).


  • Speeds: Up to 241 ft. per min. [60mpm]
  • Floor Mounted Pedestal Heights: 8 ft. [2.4m] - 10 ft. [3.0m]
  • Safety Rating of 125%
  • Fail Safe Brake
  • Knight's Patented Chain, for longer life
  • Chain Length, Unlimited (18 ft. Standard)
  • Sealed Worm Style Gearbox
  • H5 Rated (Continuous Duty Cycle)
  • (1) EBA1393 Precision Gauge Included


  • Programming and Diagnostic Communication Ports
  • Virtual Travel Limits
  • Speed Reduction Zones
  • Impact Limiting
  • Active Dampening
  • Standard Float Mode
  • Programmable Overload Capability


  • Industry Standard 24 VDC, 2 AMP power is available for custom tooling such as: Clamps, Vacuum Cups, Switches, Proximity Limits, Lights, etc
  • Illuminated Run/ Stop Button
  • 240 VAC, Single Phase 50/60 Hz
  • Load Sensing, Pay Load and Handle Load
  • I/O Capabilities:
    • (16) Inputs/ (8) Outputs
    • (8) Inputs/ (4) Outputs are free for interface controls
  • LED Status Indicators, Green and Blue Lighted Push buttons
  • LED Fault Indicators, Illuminated Run/ Stop Button, Twist to Release


Part NumberCapacity lbs [kg]Maximum Speed ft/min. [m/min]Voltage / Phase
KSHVA250S-2401250 lbs. [113kg]197 ft/min. [60 m/min]240 / 1 Phase
KSHVA350S-2401 350 lbs. [159kg] 241 ft/min. [74 m/min]240 / 1 Phase
KSHVA750S-2401750 lbs. [340kg]123 ft/min. [38 m/min]240 / 1 Phase
KSHVA1000S-2401 1000 lbs. [454kg]82 ft/min. [25 m/min]240 / 1 Phase

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