Knight’s new SDS SPEED HOIST is an electric hoist containing many of the same features as the D-Series Servo Hoist including the patented “safety drop stop” dual chain system. Additionally, it utilizes a simple analog handle with an UP/DOWN thumb switch, ensuring that the hoist can be operated with minimal training. The handle provides the user with the ability to control graduated movement as well as acceleration and deceleration of the hoist.


An ethernet port on the handle allows for the use of the Knight Servo Studio software. With this, many user parameters can be setup for easy customization of height, slow down zones, and speed control of the hoist.


Additionally, the SPEED HOIST includes a drop-in graphite stick inside of the gear tower to ensure lubrication of the chains. Replacement sticks can be ordered separately.

The SPEED HOIST has capacities up to 1,000 lbs [453kg] and can travel as fast as 50 inches per second (unloaded). Combined with the “SDS” feature, Knight’s SPEED HOIST is the safest AND most efficient hoist in the industry.

*Specifications: “XXXX” = either 2401 or 4803 for 240VAC or 480VAC, respectively.

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