Tohnichi Brand

Tohnichi tools are built to last through years of rigorous industrial use, and even longer with periodic maintenance.

The Tohnichi Torque Wrench is not just another Wrench

"Their tightening assurance system eliminates various mistakes that occur during bolt tightening operations, and it even advises users how to perform tightening operations properly"


This is what one of their satisfied manufacturing customer claims two and a half years after beginning a Tohnichi's tightening assurance system. The system has reduced human tightening errors in our factory to zero and has ensured proper control over all torque operations. Tohnichi's products are a requirement to prevent a wide range of problems.

Need to get one of your wrenches serviced?

Tohnichi America provides repair and calibration services for the Tohnichi product line


Adding value to manufacturing processes through engineering support and customer service.


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