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Knight Servo Hoist Systems are user-friendly, Intelligent Assist Devices (IAD) that provide controlled transfers of workloads by enhancing the precision and speed needed for the application. As an extension of an operator’s natural movement, this technology greatly improves the accuracy and repeatability of the application. Additionally, Knight has integrated their servo systems with the advancing technology of Industry 4.0.  With this development, functionality of the hoists can be monitored virtually from anywhere within a production setting.


As a standard feature of Servo Hoists, the patented Safety Drop Stop, or “SDS”, (patent#: 10,099,904) acts as a redundant precautionary measure. Two high cycle chains travel along-side one another: one chain carrying the load, while the other is there for safety in case of a chain failure.


The inherent benefits of Knight’s Servo Systems include: elimination of wasted motion, reduced reaction time, and minimal effects of inertia on heavy loads. Knight Servo Systems enable an operator to simply grasp the handle and move the load with instantaneous response, another signature feature called “Float Mode”. No button pushing is required.


Standard or custom options are available to allow for various programmed product functions. Contact a Knight global representative for more information.



Safety Drop Stop "SDS"


SDS Speed Hoist

Twin Chain

Why Choose Knight Servo?


The patented Safety Drop Stop “SDS” feature makes Knight’s Servo Hoists the safest in the industry. A redundant safety chain travels alongside the load chain to protect from the dropping of a load in the event of chain failure.


Servo systems are intuitive and require little to no worker training. The operator will experience Instantaneous Response of the system, when the handle is grasped (Float Mode).


The user can control lifting speeds, including setting acceleration and deceleration rates. The system monitors the weight at all times and can quickly react to loaded and unloaded conditions. Virtual limits can be programmed (with Knight’s Servo Studio Software) to set up work envelopes and slow down zones. Additional I/O comes standard on all systems to assist in interlocking with added motions or to establish safe zones.


Servos systems assist your natural movements, by combining safety and ergonomics; it makes heavy loads feel weightless.


Chain is more durable when balancing weights in excess of 250 lbs. [113kg] and/ or when high cycle rates are encountered. Cable has a greater tendency to fray or “birdcage”. Chain makes this system virtually maintenance free.


Maximum Servo Hoist lifting speeds up to 241 fpm (73.5mpm) and maximum Servo Tractor travel speeds up to 174 fpm (53.2mpm). By controlling your work envelopes and precise positioning you will decrease cycle times.


All of the Servo Hoist features here add up to increased productivity, improved ergonomics for workers, and a safer work environment.


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